My focus in 2012 has been, as always, on quality rather than quantity. I want to provide my readers with useful and practical articles that will help them in their everyday job as Marketers.

Below is a list of the BrandUniq’s most popular posts for 2012. In case you missed them, make sure you check them out:

Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy: Key Issues to Be Addressed. A sound strategy is the foundation of every successful brand. This article lists the key points to be addressed in a strategic document.

How To Write A Strategic Marketing Plan. The marketing plan is the yearly to do list, based on the medium and long term strategic objectives. This article is a summary of what needs to be included in the document.

Brand Positioning Resource Page. Positioning and differentiation are two very important concepts in Brand Management. This collection of articles provides some insights on how to build a strong brand through meaningful differentiation.

The Importance of Branding. A strong brand is the most important asset a business owns. This article explains why.

Understanding Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. These are major components of any strategic plan. They are also some of the most confusing even for experienced Marketing professionals.

I wish all my readers Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2013!