If you had a chance to read some of my articles and feel that we are on the same page when it comes to Marketing you might consider collaborating with BrandUNIQ.

We help established companies as well as start-ups with two distinctive services: Marketing strategy development and professional Marketing management. Please continue reading or contact us to see how your business could benefit from “Simpler Marketing”.

Why Working With BrandUNIQ is Better

“Simpler Marketing” is the summary of what makes BranUNIQ different. It translates into:

  • A strategic rather than project-based approach to any project.
  • A single marketer to deal with for all your Marketing needs.
  • Best talent working for your business.
  • Faster turnaround time.
  • Flexible payment structure without retainer fees.

We only take on a limited number of projects in order to provide clients with focus, quality results and fast turnaround time. We also prefer to work with businesses where a single person or a small group of people can make decisions and change things fast and more effectively.

Our Team

Our team includes brand strategists, graphic designers, web designers, digital marketing specialists, and photographers. This gives us the opportunity to work with the best in their business and the flexibility to choose the right specialist for your specific project, so you can do more marketing with your budget.

Marketing Strategy Development

Your company’s competitive advantage starts with a solid strategy and implementation plan.

Why Is Marketing Strategy Important?

Simply put, you need it because of the “competition war” (If you are running a monopoly you don’t have to worry about it).  Here are some powerful benefits of a solid marketing strategy:

  • provides your business with focus and direction, by highlighting your best opportunities as well as things that should be abandoned
  • identifies your main competitive advantage and the attributes to support it
  • improves the effectiveness of your communication message to customers and partners
  • serves as foundation for all your marketing communication campaigns
  • increases your profits and creates consumer preference for your brand(s)

When To Contact Us

  • You plan to launch a new product
  • You are losing marketing share to low-priced competitors
  • Your products are selling only when heavily discounted
  • Your competitors are growing faster than you
  • You identified gaps in your product offering
  • You need a brand refresh

Professional Marketing Management

The simple solution for companies who want to do more marketing but have insufficient resources to accomplish the projects. We act as an extension of your Marketing department and always look at each project from your perspective making sure the end result fits with your overall strategy.

Typical Marketing Projects We Manage

  • Brand identity development: logo, brand colours, fonts and all other elements that contribute to a stylish and elegant brand image and position it above competition.
  • Graphic design services: logo, catalogues, promotional flyers, business cards.
  • Website design
  • E-commerce store design and setup
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

When to Contact Us

  • You don’t have dedicated person to manage your Marketing projects/You are the Sales and Marketing manager but don’t have enough time for marketing. We will manage your project without the costs and risks associated with a new hiring.
  • Your currently deal with a different service provider for each project and have difficulty creating a unified program.
  • Your current vendors are great executioners but lack the marketing vision. We bring the marketing strategy into the mix.
  • You find that selecting a new vendor for your project is a time consuming and risky process.

Contact us and for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your marketing needs.