Do You Need 1-On-1 Marketing Advice? I am Here To Help


If you have a marketing question you think I can help you with, join me for a 10-minute free online meeting on Officehours.

Officehours is a service that allows people looking for advice to connect with specialists in various fields. November 6 will be my first time using the service, but from what I read it works great.

How to Book a Free Session With Me:

Create your profile on Officehours.

Click on my advisor profile.

If the session show as “Available” request it.

Next Available Session

I only have one session scheduled for now: November 6, at 12.15 PM Eastern Time (Toronto).

If the time of this session doesn’t work for you shoot me an email with a time that’s convenient for you. I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Using the service looks straightforward. All you need is a computer, speakers, microphone and a quiet place to talk.

More importantly, you need to plan your questions in advance so we can be as effective as possible. The call ends automatically after 10 minutes!

Some of you have been my readers for a long time. This is a chance to break the ice and have a 1-on-1 chat.

I look forward to “meeting” you.


BrandUniq’s Top 5 Posts for 2012

My focus in 2012 has been, as always, on quality rather than quantity. I want to provide my readers with useful and practical articles that will help them in their everyday job as Marketers.

Below is a list of the BrandUniq’s most popular posts for 2012. In case you missed them, make sure you check them out:

Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy: Key Issues to Be Addressed. A sound strategy is the foundation of every successful brand. This article lists the key points to be addressed in a strategic document.

How To Write A Strategic Marketing Plan. The marketing plan is the yearly to do list, based on the medium and long term strategic objectives. This article is a summary of what needs to be included in the document.

Brand Positioning Resource Page. Positioning and differentiation are two very important concepts in Brand Management. This collection of articles provides some insights on how to build a strong brand through meaningful differentiation.

The Importance of Branding. A strong brand is the most important asset a business owns. This article explains why.

Understanding Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. These are major components of any strategic plan. They are also some of the most confusing even for experienced Marketing professionals.

I wish all my readers Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2013!


Announcing the Marketing Strategy Resources Page

My regular readers know that the focus of this blog is strategic marketing and brand management.

If your job involves crafting the marketing strategy for new and existing brands then hopefully the strategic planning page I put together will come in handy. It includes articles that address strategic planning topics such as:

  • crafting your medium to long term strategic plan
  • writing the yearly marketing plan
  • performing an effective SWOT analysis
  • setting up your yearly marketing budget

and many more.

You can visit the page here.

I am open to suggestions on how to make this page even more resourceful. Enjoy and share!

Introducing Brand Positioning Resource Page

The goal of this blog is to help marketers build strong and differentiated brands.

I spent the last couple of weeks creating the brand positioning resource page. Here you will find a collection of articles relating to this very important concept in brand management.

To visit the page, click here.

More resource pages to follow.


Are You an Opinionated Marketer? Express Yourself on This Blog

Do you have a passion for Marketing strategy and Brand Management?

Are you willing to share your Marketing knowledge and experience with fellow Marketers from around the world?

Do you need a platform to express your thoughts and opinions?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, and you would like to be featured as a guest writer on the BrandUniq blog I would like to hear from you.

I encourage Marketers from all industries and markets across the world to share their experiences that we can all benefit from. I am especially intrigued by your experiences in emerging markets such as China, Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America as well as more established ones such as Western Europe and North America.

What I am Looking For:

  • Unique articles (not published anywhere else) from beginner, intermediate and experienced Marketers
  • Tips, opinions, and advice on Marketing Strategy and Brand Management issues
  • The article must be minimum 350 words in length
  • In return I will give you you a byline and include links back to your blogs, website or any other web presence in return for your article.

I am also open to writing articles for your website or blog as well, in case you are interested.

I encourage you to  get in touch with me via this blog,  e-mailFacebook, or Twitter. I want to give you a platform so you can share your knowledge and points of view with us!

Introducing BrandUniq’s Facebook Page

I am happy to let you know that this blog has an official Facebook page. I know I am only 8 years late but it finally happened.

I have to admit I don’t dedicate a lot of time to social media (brand management takes most of my work day, my growing family keeps me busy at home). I also find socializing via computers a little “artificial”.

That being said I made some great connections via Twitter, LinkedIn and the BrandUniq blog. I hope Facebook will allow me to “meet” more interesting people and learn new things.

What will you find on BrandUniq’s Facebook page? Mostly video links (interviews with great Marketers, commercials I find interesting), as well other information I find worth sharing with you.

But most importantly, feel free to use this page to get in touch with me. I look forward to receiving your comments, ideas, suggestions and opinions.

If you would like to visit the new page (and hopefully “Like” it) please see below:

See you on Facebook.