5 Favorite Things

5 things

If you had to name the 5 things you love most, what would your list look like?

This is the essence of the 5 Things project started by Belfast-based designer Paul McNally.

His goal is to “grow a global community of individuals encompassing all ages, locations and occupations; discovering, and documenting, the stories behind the things they choose as their five favorites. Hopefully, growing into an archive of interesting stories about humans and the things we love.”

I really liked his idea and decided to share with you my favorite 5 things:

My Family

My wife and two kids are the center of my universe. The decision to settle in a new country meant having no close family or friends around, which strengthened our relationship. We supported each other when times were bad and celebrated every small victory. We’re very proud of what we accomplished, but still don’t take anything for granted.

The Beach

The beach is my favorite relaxation spot. I know many associate Canada with cold and hockey, not sunny days and sandy beaches. While it’s true that Canadian winters can be cold, there are plenty of places to go and enjoy the summer.

Consider this: Canada has 60% of the world’s lakes (about 2 million) and 10% of the world’s forest. Plenty of options to spend quality time by the water.


I’ve always loved reading. In high school I used to spend any money I had on books, rather than going to clubs or movies. To this day, I’ll choose a good book over any 5-star rated movie (I am so behind on movies). And although printed books are still my favorite (I love the smell of a new book), I do most of my reading these days on the iPad.

“Smart” Company

I believe the key to living a meaningful life is being surrounded by people smarter than you. Smart people challenge your perspective, and allow you to discover things you wouldn’t have known existed.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room” is one of my guiding principle.

A Successful Project

Professionally, it’s very rewarding when things turn the way you predicted. Marketers face a lot of unknowns and uncertainty with every project they undertake. The reward comes when the brand you helped launched, or the campaign you designed from scratch delivered the expected results.

What are the 5 things you love most? Let me know in the Comments section below.