Why This Blog Is Different

Marketing has two basic functions: to generate short term results (sales), but more importantly, to provide the overall direction that ensures the company survival, profitability and long-term growth.

When looking online for information regarding Marketing and Brand Management I discovered that most blogs are in fact dealing exclusively with Online Marketing and Social Media. Although these are great tools for getting the word out and building loyalty, the branding process starts differently.

That’s why I’ve started this blog.

This blog focuses on strategic marketing issues that should be addressed before launching your brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages: differentiating your brand from competition, choosing a unique slogan that reflects your brand’s points of differentiation, and managing the 4 components of the Marketing Mix: product, packaging, placement and promotion.

These principles haven’t changed in a long time and ensure that your brand is built on a solid foundation.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to encourage and cultivate long-term strategic thinking, a vital characteristic of strong and prosperous businesses.

About Me

My name is Michael Baicoianu and I’m the face behind BrandUniq.

When I first heard the word “Marketing” it sounded foreign. And cool.

At the end of high school I had a better idea about its meaning: Marketing is all about making people who have lots of choices choose your product over the competition.

I didn’t really know what “having a choice” means until I was 14.

I was born in Eastern Europe, in a country that experienced probably the most oppressive communist regime in the Eastern block. People lacked even the most basic needs, such as heat and electricity. The stores were empty most of the time.

There was need for Marketing back then, as the state owned everything.  The word “choice” did not exist.

In 1989 we finally broke free with the fall of the Berlin wall. Eastern Europe became the new, untapped market with high growth potential. Most western companies wanted a slice of the pie.

The choice was all of a sudden abundant.

I remember being fascinated by the multitude of options. I used to collect cigarette packages as I was attracted by their packaging: the vibrant colours, the modern logos, various shapes and sizes.

And then there was the illuminated store signs that started to pop up. They made each city more vibrant and modern. Such a huge contrast versus the grey, boring and predictable environment we used to live in just a few years before.

Marketing Background

I started my Marketing career while in University, doing marketing research for a multi-national company that had just opened an office for Eastern Europe.

Upon graduation I worked in the consumer packaged goods industry marketing wine, coffee and natural juices to European and North American markets.

The North American Experience

Then came the move to Canada. I was lucky to get a job in my field in relatively short time, and never looked back (f you are thinking on relocating internationally you might be interested in my articles on how to get a job in a new country).

My professional time is divided between a full time job, involvement in marketing projects for my personal clients and publishing this strategic marketing blog.

My current Marketing job allows me to work on what I like most: crafting and implementing marketing strategy for multiple brands, both domestically and internationally.

I am a strong believer that continued professional development allows me to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Marketing. My post university training includes courses at Schulich School of Business and the Canadian Marketing Association.

I also hold the Professional Certified Marketer™ designation from the American Marketing Association.

How to Contact Me

Send me an email. You can also try my social media accounts; however I might not reply as quickly as you would wish. I am not a social media person and don’t check my accounts very frequently.


I am not a  Marketing guru, a best-selling author or sought-after speaker. I haven’t written any books yet. I am not a journalist either.

I am just a marketer who wants to share his international marketing experience working with brands in various markets and categories.

To My Employer(s) and Personal Clients

I will make no reference to any of my employer(s) and other clients on this blog for at least two reasons.

Since this is a personal endeavor, it would not be fair to have my opinions associated with their brands (intentionally or unintentionally).

I am also very much involved in the strategic planning process for the brands I work with. Making strategic details public would be very unethical and unprofessional.

I hope you enjoy the read!