Your Brand Is Your DNA

This is a guest article contributed by Richard Baker*.

The fall of 2000, CBS introduced an exciting new television series that still resonates with consumers today: Crime Scene Investigation. With it, came our fascination with DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid. Commonly referred to as a set of blue prints, it is a hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms.

Many businesses small and mid-size in particular fail to recognize their brand is their DNA. In fact, a corporation’s brand has two similar traits with a humans DNA:

  • Distinctive – unique to the holder that can never be copied
  • Novelty – it is original

Lost in the art of a corporation’s brand strategy are 2 additional traits:

  • Point of differential – what is the unique selling point that separates you from the competition
  • Promise – what should customers expect through their interactions with your brand

Most successful brands incorporate the above traits into their brand strategy. Have you included them into your strategy? From a personal perspective, who knows when you will be called upon to clarify them: job interviews, business networking, sales presentations?

When purchasing a brand, businesses and consumers shop rationally and purchase on emotion. In fact, research reveals over 80% of your brands’ value resonates with the emotional ties they associate with your brand. So what does your brand mean to you and your customer?

Author: Richard Baker is Chief Brand Strategist for Baker Branding – an integrated and engaged marketing service who assist business in achieving a greater ROI through the power of their most valuable asset; their brand.

Michael Baicoianu is a premium and luxury brand strategist, and the publisher of Michael is based in Toronto, Canada.

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