Starting a New Business? Here Is Your Marketing Checklist (Part 2)

Once you have identified the differentiating idea and supporting elements that will set your new business apart from competitors and summarize them into a powerful slogan it is time to communicate with your target audience.

Develop you brand’s visual identity. If you think of your brand as a person then your brand’s visual identity is the person’s exterior appearance (hair style, clothing, etc.). The main elements that you need to work on are the logo, colours, fonts, and visual clues that make you brand visually distinctive. The brand identity has to match your positioning, otherwise there will be a disconnect between your brand’s personality and its exterior appearance.

Develop your communication tools. There are many ways of communicating with your potential customers in today’s environment: catalogs, flyers, websites, product samples, product presentations, etc. My advice for new businesses with tight marketing budgets is not to spread their resources too thin. Focus instead on the tools that are mandatory for your business and make use of them wisely.

Communicate your message consistently. There is no magic recipe when it comes to choosing the right communication channel(s). That’s where having an in-depth profile of your target clientele plays a critical role-you can then make assumptions and allocate your communication dollars efficiently. The good news is that the cost of delivering your message has decreased dramatically from the days when television and radio dominated the communication landscape.

In conclusion, if I have to summarize everything in three words, what I would recommend is: be different, be focused and be consistent. Good luck!


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    Thank you for your kind words.

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