Marketing Challenges: Breaking Though The Noise

What do you think is the biggest challenge Marketers face? A good friend of mine who is also a Marketer asked me this question. It took me a while to come up with an answer. My biggest marketing challenge is making the brand message Continue Reading

How to Deliver on Your Brand Positioning

In 1997 ING Direct disrupted the Canadian retail banking with a very narrow positioning: “the bank of choice for those who want to save money”. The product offering was very simple: a savings account that paid significantly higher interest than all Canadian major banks, and no service charges. How was ING Direct able to deliver […]

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Brand Promise and Strategic Trade-Offs

In 2008, when asked if Apple plans to offer an entry-level notebook, Steve Jobs replied: “There are some customers which we chose not to serve. We don’t know how to make a $500 computer that’s not a piece of junk, and our DNA will not let us ship that… We’ve seen great success by focusing […]

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How to Perform An Industry Analysis Using Porter’s Five Forces

Important business decisions such as entering a new category or market segment require in-depth strategic analysis. Some of the more important questions that need an answer are: How attractive and profitable is the category I plan to penetrate? Is it feasible for my company to enter this category? What are my chances of successfully compete […]

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How To Generate Leads: 5 Proven Techniques

Creating growth through new customer acquisition has been consistently listed as Chief Marketing Officers’ top priority. With the explosion of available data and continuous fragmentation of communication channels, reaching the target audience is not going to get easier. In order to generate the proper leads you have to  know your customer. Moreover, not all strategies […]

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Lead Generation Strategies: B2B versus B2C

I am starting a series of articles on one of the most requested topics by my readers: lead generation strategies. Providing your sales team with hot qualified leads will allow them to spend more time selling. Moreover, sales personnel hate prospecting and performing administrative tasks. They’d rather be on the road closing deals. Anything you […]

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How to Be A Successful Marketer

Professional success. A new year resolution for many of us. Success in marketing, like anything in life, is fueled by results. And in order to get results, you need a personal plan. A typical Marketing job is a combination of strategic thinking and repetitive tasks. Successful marketers find the time to think long term, and […]

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Marketers are not Magicians

This last article of the year is about expectations. More precisely, top management’s expectations of marketers, and vice-versa. Top management believe Marketing’s role is to grow the business. A very fair expectation. We are given a product, a distribution channel, an existing (or not) customer base, and a certain budget, and expected to work our […]

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Gamification for Marketers: a Beginner’s Guide

If you ever played video games I am sure you know the feeling. Totally disconnected from reality and fully immersed in a fantasy world, you were determined to complete the current level before your friends did, enjoy the rewards, and unlock new challenges. Good games are addictive. The narrative, characters, challenges, and rewards are bundled […]

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Do Brand Extensions Really Work?

I was reading somewhere that 70% of new products are brand extensions. Using a well-known brand name to enter a new segment or category seems  to be a preferred strategy to grow a business. Brands take years and a lot of resources to build. So the temptation to leverage the trust consumers have in a […]

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